This week in environment art #128

General / 05 November 2020

Giving you a weekly dose of inspirational pieces and resources in the world of #environmentart by some amazing artists and in this special week, also showing the end results of our firs monthly challenge!

The perfect way to stay in the know of all things #environmentart.

This week in Environment Art #126

General / 22 October 2020
This one is a special one! We're highlighting some incredible work students from my former school (HOWEST - DAE) are doing and I was fortunate enough to talk to a lot of them in an event last week.

Artist credit for thumbnail: Zeljko Duvnjak

[#121] Rethinking my ways & Who's in your environment - part one

General / 17 September 2020

[#120] - Struggling with creative focus & World building the people

General / 14 September 2020

Welcome to #120 of the Beyond Extent Blog!
Talking about some personal struggles with creative focus, talking about world building with characters and more...

[#119] - Free Tutorials now available & World building an overview

General / 03 September 2020
Welcome to #119 of the Beyond Extent Blog!
FREE Environment art tutorials are now available on our website, talking about our new podcast and more...

This week's podcast episode


[#118] - Environment Art Tips collection & What are collisions?

General / 28 August 2020
Welcome to #118 of the Beyond Extent Blog!
The new Environment Art Tips collection has arrived! We're also talking about collisions, sharing some great resources and talking about other changes to the website...

This week's podcast episode


[#117] - Less is more & Light debugging viewmodes

General / 20 August 2020
Welcome to #117 of the Beyond Extent Blog!
Diving into some changes in the way I do stuff, talking about lighting view modes in Unreal and featuring an awesome artist!

[#116] - Back on video tutorials! & Unreal Engine Panner node

General / 13 August 2020
Welcome to #116 of the Beyond Extent Blog!
Going back to my grass video tutorial, talking about the Unreal Engine panner node, sharing more resources and more...

[#115] - New monthly challenge! & Planning your scene's timeline

General / 06 August 2020
Welcome to #115 of the Beyond Extent Blog!
In this week's blog I dive into some of the community and website updates, future planning, resources and how to plan your scene's timeline...

[#114] New article release! & Building a good habit

General / 30 July 2020

Welcome to #114 of the Beyond Extent Blog!

Let's discuss the new article release about traditional skills helping the digital, building habits and more...