General / 19 September 2019

Blog [#69] - Abandoned theme park exploration & Blender Foliage with particles

Evening people

Another busy week this one! A lot of stuff going on at work currently which definitely puts some more pressure on everything, but all is good and it should be back to normal next week.

When it comes to personal stuff I spend a bit of time restructuring this week so I can start work on more longer form things such as the tutorial on master materials that is still half baked (since forever). And with a friend coming over this weekend I didn't have that much time to spend on my personal stuff, and in the evenings wasn't really feeling like doing art so much either.

Exploring an abandoned theme park

We went exploring an abandoned theme park "Spreepark" here in Berlin over the weekend which was great! I was expecting a bit more from it though, but I guess you cant expect that much from a park that was build in turbulent times by an impoverished people.

Managed to snap a cool couple of pictures though!

Nothing on the work in progress section for this week, but excited to get back into it over the weekend :D

Image Credit - Alex Senechal - Oceanic - Inside the Facility

Visit his profile over :
Alex Senechal - Artstation Profile

Alex Senechal is one of those people that is just an absolute beast when it comes to his output, he keeps working on his oceanic project between freelance projects and you can just see that he enjoys all the work he puts in.

And above all else he is such a nice guy, we managed to meetup on a ramen festival a while back and really enjoyed talking to him!
So man, thanks so much for inspiring me with the crazy output that you bring to the table and being so relaxed and chill about it. 

Allright people!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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