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Blog [#64] - Artstation Challenge Favourites! & Disciplines of environment art

Evening people!

This week was a nice and chill one, especially the weekend, not doing that much as other weekends. Spend most of my time working on more blog & tutorial preparation, while also doing some minor sculpting when I have time to do so, but for now I am focusing most of my time to refine the layout that I have for the next tutorial. But it is taking a lot of time refining this and testing out multiple different layouts and styles, basically all preparation for a full book at some point! :D

Also, I will be flying to Greece and exploring Athens from tomorrow onwards! I'm excited to explore a place that I've never been to before that is so full of history and culture!

Marta Joining Ubisoft

Today was a big day for the first mentee that "graduated" from my mentorships, which sounds weird because I was just a tiny part of that journey. But today she joined our studio! (even though I thought that she was joining tomorrow, whooops my bad!) It's weirdly exciting to see that your small actions can have a direct impact on people's lives like this, which never really sunk in until about this moment really :D

I'm excited to see what she will create in the future!

Artstation Environment Art favourites

Other than that we spend some time talking at work about the different entries of the Environment Art - Artstation Challenge, it was really fun discussing what was good and what could be improved on the different pieces. It was also a good learning experience for us because I personally love digging into the underlying structure of these art pieces and how they took the concepts and truly made them their own and interpreted it in their own way.

It was also a learnfull experience for us, really digging into what made the pieces good and what could be improved. So because we were doing this I thought, why not compile my personal favourites! So let's dive right in!

Keep in mind that this is not keeping in mind the different parameters that they worked on specifically for the challenge, so this is a little detached from those points.

Lea Kronenberger - Artstation Link

Stunning looking piece, I was absolutely baffled with this one, Lea really nailed the atmospherics, the amount of props and finish in this scene.
Small touches like the wrinkles of the carpet, cobwebs, the scattering of the books and this use of lighting, contrast and focus.

Just a stunning piece in total this one blew me away, and amazing to nail this inside of this tight timeframe! Congratz Lea!


Jimmy Ghysens - Artstation Link

This piece by Jimmy took my attention because of the use of composition and then grounding the whole piece with realistic lighting and atmospherics, it's a great showcase piece of what can be achieved with smart use of modular pieces and knowledge of fundamentals.

His fly-through of the scene is great showing some additional shots and compositions which are worth checking out.

Paul Carstens - Artstation Link

Another awesome display of using contrast, and subtle hints to guide you towards the focus of the scene. This scene does an amazing job of guiding you, for instance with the water on the rocks in the foreground, the curves of the cave structure itself and the stones in the back both cradling the sword. Extra points for great looking foliage! :D

Corentin Wunsche - Artstation Link

This is sort of a nice bonus piece (you can call it my Honorable mention if you want :P) but the reason why I love this is because of the painterly quality it has, as well as a good blend between the detailed organic shapes and the straight castles sticking out (Although they aren't really that realistic!) This would be an awesome piece to use as a wallpaper or piece of art to hang on the wall.

So not too much exciting in here scene wise, I just wanted to show off a snippet of the layout and subject of the tutorial I am working on. And to be honest, this is taking me longer than I was expecting at first, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad thing, because all the thing I learn now can be used in the upcoming thing that I got planned, it's just a whole bunch of iteration at the moment and finding the best way to convey information to the reader.

So if you got some pointers and have some ideas, share them in the comments down below, I'm curious to see what you think!

Image Credit - Stefan Morrell - The Streets Of Venice

Visit his profile over :
Stefan Morrell - Artstation Profile

It's time to feature probably one of my earliest discoveries when it comes to the world of 3D worlds, I remember Stefan's work from a magazine I bought back then. it might have been for photoshop, because I was still thinking about becoming a concept artist.

But his work remained really awesome to follow, threading and blurring the lines between 2D and 3D. I just like the visual, the lighting and also inspires me to think outside of the box that is gamedev and focus more on the visual side of things.

So thank you so much for inspiring me throughout the years Stefan, you were instrumental for pulling me into the industry, so I can't thank you enough!

Allright people!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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