General / 31 May 2018

Environment Art Blog #16 - Cyberpunk with Blender, Perfect rendering and Benjamin Last.

Evening guys!

It was nice to be back in my routine this week (Except for the weekend, had friends over :D), it's awkward how I miss just sitting down and fully immersing myself in art!
So this week I started out with getting back into blender, learning a ton of hotkeys and quicker ways to model like I always have done in maya.
It was a bit of a struggle at first but I am getting the hang of it now, still need to adjust a bunch of hotkeys to get it working properly, I also spend some time looking at cool plugins and other stuff that could speed me up!

It's also super awesome to see that Artstation added some super great functionality for the blogs on the site itself, so I welcome all the new people finding this one and I am going to keep my eye out for other ones as well!

Cyberpunk marketplace

As mentioned before, I started a new scene, going back to an older scene that I worked on last year (latest update on that one was Feb 2017) but still want to give it another go and really polish it, but also make it more manageable.
The scene is much busier than this scene is going to be though, I am also thinking about the story that is going to take place, but I want to keep it compact, but set in a larger world.


The current idea is to have an Electronics market stall owned by a single man who lost his family (don't know for what reason yet :D) and due to overcrowding and social pressures has to combine his house with his market stall, which could be really interesting visually as the personal elements are going to intermingle with each other.

I am starting out with some of the smaller elements and clutter to properly practice my modelling skills in blender before I get into the more advanced stuff. So all of this stuff is still in it's kiddy shoes so I need to break into Blender properly!

Unreal Engine Marketplace

I also spent some time on adjusting feedback that I got from the Unreal Engine Marketplace team for my packages, most of the feedback they gave was really simple to implement, but just with the amount of assets that I had it took me some time to get this adjusted for both packages.
One of the scenes is now in the final review stages, so let's hope that it is going to get released soon!

Using render depth in screenshots

I found myself in a little bit of a stooper this week when I discovered an awesome tip by Elvis Posa, making all the trickery that I did with my "Super clever" lighting setup to render all the different pipes completely useless with a simple tool for screenshots, enter render depth pass.

Be sure to check Elvis Posa his work out and thank him for this awesome tip!

Link to his little breakdown

Image Credit - Benjamin Last - Frontier Pipetown

Visit his profile over :
Benjamin Last - Artstation Profile

When watching MUTE last week I really got interested into the world and the concepts behind the world and that landed me to the work of Benjamin Last! And aside from the amazing pieces for MUTE I instantly jumped to the image above.

I really like the balance in of colors and lighting in this picture, the way that he handled the variations in depth are super nicely done as well, I just love the little hints of streets being overshadowed by all the industrial components but not so much that they disappear in the background.

This is a big inspiration when it comes to worldbuilding for my next scene, and I can spend ages looking at this single image!
Thanks for inspiring me Benjamin Last, your work is absolutely stellar, so I look forward to the next image :D

Allright guys!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!