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Blog [#48] - Mentorship Results & Environment Metrics.

Evening people!

This week was a nice and chill week, especially with the sun coming out in full force and making it really enjoyable going out during the long easter weekend and we made the most of it by going to the zoo and getting sunburned on first contact with the sun :D

But other than enjoying the sun, I did find some nice chunks of time to redo the blockout that I had going for my project in Unreal Engine and making it flow better and adjusting a lot of the pieces that I had already made for this environment, but more on that in the WIP section down below!

General 3D tips an tricks resource

First off, let's start with this great resource by Damien Peinoit, he covers a wide range of topics perfect for generalists working in multiple different fields like myself. His portfolio is largely dedicated to these awesome tips and tricks, so make sure to check them out: 

First Mentorship result

So as most of you know by now, I have been getting into mentoring and giving people feedback and help them improve their work. And it's time to conclude the first project that I was fortunate on to assist :D

She did a really great job nailing this piece and bringing it all together and was super receptive of the feedback and overpaints that I did to assist her, and additionally, she did some great angles and video breakdowns showing of the scene, so make sure to go ahead and have a look!

So congratulations Marta on bringing this piece to an awesome conclusion!

Also, she is looking for a job, so if you are looking for a great Environment Artist Candidate, feel free to get in touch with her!

New mentorship available!

This naturally brings me to the next topic, where do these mentorships go from here? I am still going to do them and will probably open up montly slots over on my Patreon starting next month, so people can stay enrolled in them for as long as they feel like they need to and get the most out of it, the current pricing that I am thinking off will probably be around 50$ a month and you can have a look over at Patreon here: 

But ofcourse if you have some questions, feel free to send me a message ( or drop a comment down below!

Now onto my personal work!

I am slowly getting to grips that my progress on my own personal work is going to be slower than usual because of all the other stuff that I have going on, but anyways I made some good progress on blocking out the initial entrance scene for the current environment and also made good progress on blocking in the different zones that I want to be building for this. 

The first zone will be the entrance to the conservation vault with the official entrance desk, a small seating area and then after you go through the check-in there are some elevators and the main corridor to all the other areas.

I'm still looking for interesting elements to have on the ceiling to get the more geometrical aspect back in as well, so the ceiling lights are a nice start, but right now they clash with the organic feel that I want to go for, so they will need some more work. It will definitely be interesting to see how I can make them in a modular fashion and make them feel more unique.

That's something that will be fleshed out more and more in the coming weeks!

Image Credit - Sam Gao- Tactics_Empire_Farmland map

Visit his profile over :
Sam Gao  - Artstation Profile

Let's change it up for future blogs when it comes to the things I was showing here, it was going towards more of a concept arty route, which doesn't really make sense when it comes to doing these and I want to keep them more varied, so in the future I might be adding some great resources to this list as well!

But for now, let's look at this amazing piece done by Sam Gao that showcases a really nice handcrafted style like Studio Ghibli and it's amazing to see it moving around so make sure to checkout the post he did and watch some of the videos he attached.
I really like the style and would love to explore these locations and really appreciate the art-style in full 3D in the engine!

Great job on this one Sam Gao and thanks for inspiring me!

Allright people!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

If you want to see something added to this blog, or if you were inspired by a piece of art this week, please share it down in the comments, would love to see what drives you to create your art!