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[#89] Exploring some curves & Destructive vs Non-Destructive

Evening People!

Another week, another blogpost!

This week was another pretty busy one, but a good one, felt like I got a good amount of stuff done and balanced it quite nicely with thinking about the future on some of my blog stuff too, which leads me to the point where I'm at a stage that I need to start adding more value to my "weekly tip" sections again.

I've had the feeling that especially more recently I have been spending less and less time on these tips again and that is something that I want to change. A while ago a spent some time building a small backlog of tips and tricks about all the different steps of the process and I want to start to release them and mixing them with all the other tips that I'm doing, giving me more time to prep for more meaningful subjects and add more value again.

On this topic, I know some people have made suggestions on topics, like building in a modular way as a recent example and I want to let you know that I still got these on my mind, but I want to do these justice and properly break down multiple aspects of these. But if you got more suggestions, they are always welcome!

So in short, I'm going to spend more time on these again and add more value to them :D

Also, another small item on the menu is removing the Polygon Patreon tier, which only had one Patron in it that got aces to all the source files for all the tutorials and materials that I had ever done, but this is something that doesn't make sense do charge on a monthly basis for, so hence the removal of this tier :D

All right, onto some images!

So as the titles says, I've been experimenting with some additional curves, the reason why I wanted to do this is because I wanted the environment to feel a little bit more dynamic then it felt before.

Another thing that is going to add a lot of dynamic to this environment is when I can start adding more detailed and unique pieces. But for now I want to stick to the base and expanding this until I find something that is going to serve as a solid base.

I ended up with these pieces that expand inwards and at the same time make for nice planters, which looks like a really nice start to getting these pieces to feel more dynamic, can't wait to experiment some more with these pieces.

I've talked about this a couple of times, but a thing that has really helped me is using the curves inside of blender to add corners to all my pieces, having this one set of curves allows me to attach anything to them and create a new curved piece super easily. This is also something I did with the picture shown above and it seems perfect for one of my weekly tips! :D

Varied Edge Detect Quick Tips 

Pretty neat idea to get some nice crack variation if you are making stuff in substance designer, and might inspire you to make something like this for yourself too!

Bling Bling Offset

Another great one by Simon Schreibt diving into a little breakdown about blinking stuff in games!

Vintage 1980's pictures from New York City Subway 

Inspiration can come from a lot of places, I love finding these little gems of inspiration and insight into gritty places that are full of history, this might seem a little specific but it's something that intrigues me nonetheless.

Image Credit - Anthony Pitts - Destiny 2 - Lost Sectors - EDZ 1
Visit profile: Anthony Pitts - Artstation Profile

Probably the last game that I have played and really just enjoyed for the amazing environments, These locations are beautifully designed and play really well so I was interested to find some of the artists behind it and then Stumbled Across Anthony Pitts's portfolio.

I mean, you just need to have a look for yourself on this one, all the environments are beautifully designed, have interesting compositions all over the place and really showcase the strong fundamental mastery going on in these environments.

Obviously all these environments are a team effort but there is a bunch of stuff that Anthony Pitts was a part off, so make sure to check out his other pieces done for Destiny, they are really gorgeous.

Thanks so much for being a massive source of inspiration and bringing your expertise to life in this stunning display of Environment Art skills.

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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