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Environment Art Blog #20 - Glass shaders, Channel packing and Vytautas Katarzis!

Evening people!

Been super busy this week, and even got a couple off days of to get all my stuff sorted out because I am also working on something new and exciting, and I hope it will work out!

I don't tend to really do this, but I have been getting the occasional feedback from random people online saying that they like this blog and you can not imagine how good that makes me feel! 

For real, I have to thank all of you for taking the time to read through this :D

Holographic displays

Spend a lot of time refining materials that I have going in the scene now, such as the holographic displays, glass and some benchmark textures to test to get some consistency in the scene such as the wrench and other tools, the wrench is pretty final, except for some dirt/wear and tear.

Another thing I spend some time on, are the holographic displays which are now using parallax instead of using multiple layers of alpha mapped planes, which are expensive especially when stacked this might be the cheaper alternative.

The side effect to using this method is that smaller text is going to get lost with all the dithering that goes on, but for large surfaces it gives a nice effect when you look at it at an angle, like seen below.

Glass shader/material

This is where most of my time went to, these 2 bottles right here. It is always a struggle to make a good shader with unreal Engine materials, but I think this is good enough for now as a base, now I just need to get some more dirt on it, add labels and fill them with stuff! :D I am also thinking about making a little breakdown on how to approach this material for those who are interested, let me know and I will squeeze it in somewhere.

Benchmark assets

The wrench is probably the first asset that is in kind of a finished state, but it was more a test to get the texel density to a good number so I can use that for all the other assets that are going to be in the scene.


A little overview, not that much changed this week with spending too much time on other stuff, but still felt like I got some nice results out of it this week :D

A little overview to Channel Packing textures to save some memory in Unreal Engine, when you are using substance painter you might already know this but still helpful for beginners :D.

Image Credit - Vytautas Katarzis - Seaside Town

Visit his profile over :
Vytautas Katarzis - Artstation Profile

Came across this awesome scene this week by Vytautas Katarzis!

Obviously inspired by the dishonored series, but he nailed it, all of the textures look really awesome and there is a nice unity in all the different elements coming together in this scene, also I have been to Manarola myself, and it gave me some good memories seeing this pop up, Cinque terre are just amazing cities to visit.
Anyways, Vytautas did one hell of a job creating this scene, all the textures really flow really nice together, and the contrast between the foliage and the hard surface structures is done well and feels controlled, the only thing maybe I would add are some elements that pop in colour, but that is my only thing I can add to this, that being said definitely pay him a visit because the other screenshots look awesome.

So thanks for inspiring me to do better Vytautas, and I look forward to your next scene!

Allright guys!

If you want to see something added to this blog, or if you were inspired by a piece of art this week, please share it down in the comments, would love to see what drives you to create your art!

But that's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!