General / 17 January 2019

Environment art blog #34 - More preparations, Your first decals and Dmitrii Mukhortov.

Evening people!

More preparation

Well last week was a good one (sarcasm) spend a majority of the week sick at home, and only a couple of those were spent on doing something at all! It gave me a lot of time to think and prepare some more about all the stuff I have planned for 2019. And currently I am preparing for quick week "Holiday" for some family time.

After this little holiday I will probably start doing some recording to get used to having a camera and microphone in my face all the time. But I wonder where I am going to start off, because currently I want to start Blender for my projects going forward but all this downtime really made me rusty on all the hotkeys and stuff. So I think I need to do something else first before diving into recording, streaming and all that.

Preparing Tutorial Scripts

A thing I will probably be doing when we go on our small holiday is going to be further preparing some Video tutorial scripts that I have been working on while I commute to work and some evenings, it's going to be something completely different than all the other writing that I have been doing before. I feel that to make good video content there needs to be a minor amount of humour and fun in the video, but I am having a rough time getting it to a right point, but that is where you try/fail and live and learn right?!

Getting back into blender

It's been rough this week with being sick and all, but I was trying to slowly get into blender, and it's rough after always being used to Maya and the contextual menu on the menu because that was all I used. Then making the switch to Blender and hotkey based interaction is a big switch!

But I am sure I will make it through, I started blocking out some Medieval assets to start a new Environment but also use this to record some of the footage for future Video Tutorials. Hopefully I will find some more time soon to properly get back into Blender!

For the next couple of weeks I am going to have a small series going on about decals, so this first one is going to talk about a small introduction on decals, and the next weeks we will go looking into some specific examples.


Image Credit - Dmitrii Mukhortov - Aurora Island

Visit his profile over :
Dmitrii Mukhortov - Artstation Profile

This amazing environment is something I encountered because it got shared around on Facebook, I feel this is a really good example for making an environment that makes me think about diorama's in a good way, this is just showing a good understanding of distilling a style to the core, with a contrasting colour palette that really sells this nice and cozy feeling!

The only thing I feel like I am missing is a nice little "Ian McQue" boat to really sell the vibe.
Anyways that's all I can add here though, the rest is sublime! Thanks for creating such a nice Environment Dmitrii Mukhortov!

Allright guys!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!