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Blog [#57] - Travelling about & Useful resources - part 1

Evening people!

This week was a real busy one, I barely spend anytime at home actually, we spend the weekend with family in Spain and right when I came back we had the Annual Meeting with all the other German studios and spend a lovely day chilling out in the surreal heat because it was the peek of the heatwave at that point, I was not prepared for 40 degrees the entire day!

It was super nice to be around so many talented people and get inspired by all the work presented! But after all this constantly being surrounded by people at all times basically, I'm ready to have another chill weekend. That being said, that does mean that this week's entry is going to be rather short because of my time off, so no WIP section in this entry!

July Mentorships

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Image Credit - Clément Masset - Absolver Downfall - Adal Mines

Visit his profile over :
Clément Masset  - Artstation Profile 

Something really grabbed me in this shot of the environments of Absolver, although I haven't played it myself I like this scene for it's balance in details and muted color pallete. With balance in details I mean that all the things that are manmade have a lot more details compared to the natural assets.

The lighting in this scene just adding your focus once more onto all that nice detail in the middle of the picture and further emphasising this is the walkway leading up to the main structure. I would say that the only thing I miss is some clear scale references, because without a character in the scene it's quiet hard to grasp the scale of things.

Nevertheless, this is a stunning piece and there many more shots in this entry that are really well composed together!
So thank you Clément for this inspiration, you and the team have made some awesome environments!

Alright people!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

If you want to see something added to this blog, or if you were inspired by a piece of art this week, please share it down in the comments, would love to see what drives you to create your art!