General / 23 January 2020

[#87] Personal work update & Blender Bevel Modifier

Evening People!

I hope you all are doing well this week and had a lot of creative energy! I had a pretty good week myself, working on my personal project for a longer time again adding some details and trying we new things like the water that flows within the floor and making the large room and trying some unique meshes and compositions.

But more on that can be found in the next section.

So it's been a while since I did an update on my personal work, but the reason why that is is because I'm doing a lot of experimenting with smaller details that either fit or don't fit the design of the entire set.

The following stuff is all with heavily WIP lightmaps though. 

I've been mainly focused on making all the pieces feel cohesive and are the same design while staying away from the more industrial look that so many sci-fi environments have. This has been a super tricky process as I constantly felt that the details are either to big or break the design language.

I also had some fun adding and testing some of the decals a bit more that I did in the beginning of this project, I will need to rearrange and finish that trim/decal sheet pretty soon before moving on to all the pieces. But that is something for the future once I sort of finished all the basic modelling of the different pieces.

Just to keep in mind, designing and iterating like this takes a lot of time and is better left for the concept stage where this allows you for quicker iteration and experimentation.

But I'm having fun modelling and experimenting with this, and that is what personal work is all about.

Job - Winning Environment Art of 2019

A nice compilation of Environment art that opened doors for the people behind them, setting a really good benchmark of what to expect from Environment Art if you are looking for a job.

Technical and Art Tips for Environment Artists

An amazing breakdown of all the different things that are involved when creating environments either for your professional or personal work.

Cable Script for Maya

I've made the switch to Blender myself for a long while, but this is a really nice script if you are working in Maya and are in need of some wires

Image Credit - Dominique Buttiens - Wild West Challenge - Tomb of the Iron Horse 
Visit profile: Dominique Buttiens - Artstation Profile  

Another piece of art brought to you by the weekly poll on Patreon even though it was a tie with Maria Panfilova until I cast my vote into to ring to break it up :D!

Dominique and I actually went to school together and has been doing an amazing job on the Environment Art.

We never talked that much before though, and that is mostly my mistake too, I wasn't the social kind when I was in Uni.

But anyways, I love this piece for being a good benchmark of what is possible if you really focus on a small piece of your canvas, this meaning that with he time constraints of the Artstation challenge you want to reduce the risk as much as you can so you can really make the best of your time.

Dominique does this by focusing all your attention to the front of the train with a nice bit of light and some smaller storytelling elements that really nicely pull the eye into that spot.

I love the subtle elements in the back too, where you can still point out and read the shapes but it isn't pulling you in too much.

So thanks for Inspiring me Dominique and keep pushing your work out there!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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