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Blog [#54] - Long weekend & Optimizing your portfolio

Evening people!

Summer properly hit us here in Berlin and it's been super hot, both outside and inside, which makes it really hard to come home and do my work on the side, so I haven't had the time to spend on working on my personal project, and the time that I have will be spent on refactoring the weekly tips, which I am now over halfway through (even though I didn't have that much time to work on it).

That being said, upcoming weekend is going to be super nice because we have a bank holiday on Monday and I took another extra day on Friday to really get some time to chillout and spend on my personal work and catch up a little bit.

So I'm really looking forward to that! :D Anyways, not that much else to add onto this, so let's dive straight into the weekly tip section!

Image Credit - Georgi Simeonov - ADAM - Wall - The Great Archive

Visit his profile over :
Georgi Simeonov  - Artstation Profile

This week we look at some impressive stuff build for a demo that was organised by Unity to showcase the new graphical update that they did.
The video can be seen here ( and in the post linked in Georgi's work and is part of a bigger series of video's eventually co-opted by Neill Blomkamp. The reason why I love this is that it showcases a lot of nice worldbuilding elements without overburdening the viewer with all the details, leaving space for personal interpretation and Georgi's work is sort of the beginning of the road for this.

What I really like about Georgi's work on this are all the sketches and especially the lineart drawings, which are just amazing in their own right and showcase a fluidity and passion for details as well as the greater picture.

So thanks Georgi for personally inspiring me to think more about the balance between smaller and larger details/shapes, I will definitely take this forward!

Alright people!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

If you want to see something added to this blog, or if you were inspired by a piece of art this week, please share it down in the comments, would love to see what drives you to create your art!