General / 13 April 2018

Environment Art Blog #9


As you can see I'm going to try something new from now on, make it a bit more visually pleasing, but this is obviously going to be tweaked/adjusted where needed.

Had a good week this one, I sort of turned my personal work in a different direction instead of purely focusing on the assets themself and the modularity, I decided that it was time to focus on the story a bit more, but more on that in the WIP section ofcourse!

Another thing I am going to try and keep up with, are weekly tips (coming soon!) and doing more breakdown stuff, showing more of the actual raw stuff that goes on instead of just adding the more finalized stuff and that it.
It's going to be interesting how I am going to convince myself to do so, because I am a perfectionist like that hahah.

Would love any feedback/thoughts on the format or the content in my blog btw, I am trying to make it something engaging for people to read and actually make it worth going through.

Allrighty into the meat of things!

I added a lot of thing this week, this might be my focused week yet because I started to think about the actual story and setup of the scene and stepping away from just the "grind" of making the assets themself.

To accompany this change I started to build a new scene as well, this was both a good way to test the speed in which I could use the assets and where adjustments needed to be made.

Things such as where I added lights to a staircase piece but then realised that it is easier to split of the light and place it individually to give myself and potentially other people more useability for the assets. When the focus shifted from a pure "Assetpackage" point to an "I-Need-To-make-this-scene-awesome" point, I realized that there were no assets that really gave this scene personality, so I started blocking out differen assets such as fencing, barrels and larger set pieces such as a truck and so forth.

Adding these more Hero like assets is going to require a fair chunk of time to get done, but does allow me to show of more in depth textures and modelling techniques, so it's going to be interesting.

The scene below is sort of where I am at now, I was thinking about moving away from a typical bandit outpost feel to more like a last bastion of humanity where they use the on site chemical lab as a way to hack a cure for a disease that destabilised the world, hence the light colors down below instead of the dark and moody colors in the previous screenshot above.

Might still do both of them in the end, but I am going to stick with one for now.

Some more techie stuff I have been working on in the meantime.
This is the material that is used across all of the pipes (including different sets) and uses texture parameters that can be changed on the fly, allowing it too be used like this.

I decided to make this material to make the scenes more adaptable, allowing people to change colors and the amount of z-axis grime and dirt gathering (which I still need to finish in the coming updates)

Then to close of this section, I was still using grass that I have been using for a while across different projects now, and it was about time that I updated this, so here I go, modelling some different grass blades in maya.
Going to bake/texture these in Substance Painter when the sheet is done, and I might thrown them up gumroad at some point maybe.

Let me know if you got any questions or would love some more in depth insight/breakdowns!

Image Credit - Christian Behrendt - Rubikon

Visit his profile over :
Christian Behrendt - Artstation Profile

Stumbled across this one today actually, I have always been a big sucker for cyberpunky kind of scenes.
Christian Behrendt made this scene inside a 11 month timeframe, during some difficult times, I am glad to see that you stuck with it because it really pays off in this image!

I remember the first time I tried to do a scene with so many lights in it, and it's a super hard thing to balance.
So congrats on filling this piece man, I am looking forward to the next one where you push yourself outside of your comfort zone again, because I feel that is where you find yourself.

Allright guys!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!