General / 28 November 2019

[#79] Prepping for India! & PBR Theory for Artists - Part Two

Evening People!

Slowly but surely getting stuff more and more into place mentally and I feel that a lot of it was because I was getting too attached to a lot of stuff that was not necessarily good to get attached to. So slowly but surely I'm getting to a state where I can detach a bit more from stuff again, this was something that I never really struggled with up until recently, so it might be that I took too much onto my shoulder in the last period. So let's change that :D
Other than that though, I already feel more relieved than last week, spend a bit of time working on my personal scene before heading out to India!

Prepping for India

As we are soon leaving for India there is a bit of stuff that I still need to get in order with all my upcoming blogs, weekly tips, etc... So I will probably be spending most of my time on those preparations this week.


So for my personal work I did get to do some more testing, most of it was spend on getting all the different pieces working together in a nice way, especially the corner pieces are interesting to break them up, because there are so many options in how to break them up, because I wanted to give people the most variation with minimal amount of pieces.
That being said though, I might be getting to a point where I am over complicating stuff for people instead of making it easier, so I will need to get another look at this, because sometimes being smart about it makes it worse hahaa :D


Awesome insight into different types of Ambient occlusion, how they are used in games and how they affect the look.

Generalist Tips & Tricks of the day #3

Some really good tips and tricks that can range between different topics, super useful for general knowledge.

Technical Tips for Environment Artists

Some handy workflow tips covered in this by Harry Gray, really useful for rubble, garbage or junk creation!

Image Credit - Helder Pinto - Arbor Vitae 
Visit profile: Helder Pinto - Artstation Profile 

This week we feature one of my biggest inspirations an helps to get me into the industry, Helder Pinto.
I stumbled across his work when looking into making a level with a single texture during one of my University courses and fell in love with how he approaches his work and uses colour and  optimises his workflow for his personal work, this really inspired me to get better at optimising and how to optimise my own work.
Another thing that is amazing, especially about the "Arbor Vitae" piece is again the use of colours but also the balance in the different elements and designs and how they work together to create this really harmonious piece, so thank you so much for all you have done and inspiring me to be creative and share my creations and pushing me into the industry!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!
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