General / 30 December 2018

Weekly Tips 2018 Compilation

Evening people!

 It's been a while, right?

After finally settling down in Berlin, I found some time to recap and think about the process of keeping up a blog which I did last year and decided to clean some things up and start the process to recompile and redesign some of the stuff that I had going for the blog.

I'm still thinking about the final format of the weekly blog tips and how I am going to tackle a more permanent presentation/use case instead of just having them in a weekly blog and then never to be seen again, but this is going to need some further looking into!

Lots of experimentation and new stuff is going to come in the coming year, so I am looking forward to 2019!
Now let's celebrate 2018 with all the tips that I featured in the blog last year.

Weekly Blog Tips List