General / 07 March 2019

Environment art blog #41 - Workshops, Landscapes in Unreal and Daniel Romanovsky.

Evening People!

This week was a little bit more quiet than the other weeks, which was nice! 

Worldbuilding Workshop

This week I will be taking part in a workshop focus on worldbuilding and concept art with Luis Guggenberger ( I'm really looking forward to this particular workshop and how it's going to influence my worldbuilding and storytelling within my own scenes in 3D.

Changes to logo template

Another small thing I did this week other than my usual stuff is doing some changes to the thumbnails for all my blogs.
It looks way better than before, and with doing this I also noticed some inconsistencies in the way some of the banners and images get formatted into the layout on both Artstation and my Website, so that is something that I still need to look into.

Other than this there are more and more people that are starting to reach out for feedback, which I really love!
I just need to set a time limit on giving feedback or maybe only that on certain days, but that will come naturally over time.

Let's move onto the next section!

Sustainable Future

Not that much happened this week on the project side of things, I had a look through the previous scene that I made that was sort of based around the same idea, and managed to reuse some of the assets that I made for that one.

Most of the assets that are reused are on the left side of the picture down below, the thing that was nice was that I still had the tree around (that I used in my Artstation Challenge, so might as well use that!

Hopefully I will get to spend some more time on this project this weekend :D

Image Credit - Daniel Romanovsky - Dragon Lair Sequence

Visit his profile over :
Daniel Romanovsky  - Artstation Profile 

 This week's concept is a really nice one, I really love the way that Daniel Romanovsky frames the main point of the scene with the 2 columns nicely cradling the sphere, then adding to that there is the nice balance between orange and blue tones in the entire scene.

This concept makes for a perfect scene to build in 3D, as you can really focus on making the actual location as detailed as possible without it requiring a lot of props to get you going.

So yeeah, thanks for Inspiring me Daniel Romanovsky, this is a really amazing scene that you have created and I would love for someone to make it in 3D :D (maybe I'll do it at some point myself, who knows!)

Alright people!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!