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[#86] #PortfolioDay Inspiration! & Art test tips 02

Evening People!

Had another pretty fulfilled week, trying to make a habit of getting up earlier so that I can get home earlier to hopefully get some more time in the day and do some more personal work. And contrary to what you might think, it's actually working out?! So you I'm quite surprised by my own ability to get up earlier.

#Portfolioday Inspiration

Well, apparently it's that time again to get inspired?! I feel like the timing is really off with this and is just something that spreads like wildfire though, but hey, that doesn't matter it's probably the best moment to share some of my favourites! (I mean there is a ton more like this out there and only a limited amount of time, so make sure to explore #PortfolioDay yourself :D)

Before we dive in, please also share some of your favourites in the comments, I'm always open to explore new stuff! Let's go!

Elora Pautrat - Twitter Link

Jessica Cheng - Twitter Link

Joachim Leclercq - Twitter Link

Jubilee - Twitter Link

Loish - Twitter Link

Tom Bentkowski - Twitter Link

Ben Nicholas - Twitter Link

Stanley - Twitter Link

The Game Art Institute

If you are looking to expand or begin your journey into becoming a game artist, then "The game art Institute" might be something for you, I haven't done this myself but I have talked with Ryan Kingslien before ( and he was amazing to talk to, so check this out.

PurePolygons - Learn Plant Modelling for Games

I've been using Jacob's work as a personal reference for Foliage for a long time and wanted to share this article he did a while ago that dives into foliage creation for Games.

Marketing for artists

Lastly, we have this really nice talk from Jon Jones where he discusses marketing that can be relevant information for artists.

Image Credit - Vlad Vanzariuc - Dark - Unreal Engine 4 
Visit profile: Vlad Vanzariuc - Artstation Profile

Brought to you by all my Patreons that got to vote on their favourite artists this week we will have a look at this amazing little scene that Vlad Vanzariuc did as homage to the "Dark" series. The simplicity of the composition really drives home the feeling of tension, this together with all the trees angles in a way that they put extra emphasis on the cave itself.

Another really nice thing is the balance of all the scratches on the rocks with he rocks themselves l, which is something you don't really notice at first until you look at the additional shots or zoom in.

This environment really showcases that works of art don't always need to be super elaborate and instead can just focus on one really solid straightforward vision and still be great.

Thanks so much for inspiring me and so many others Vlad!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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