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Blog [#71] - Moss Tutorial WIP & Alpha Overdraw

Evening people!

This week was a super busy one even more so then usual, lot's of conversations and meetings that left me a little drained when I came home. But to compensate this week we have Thursday off, so I'm currently enjoying a nice and relaxed day where I can prepare some stuff for future weeks.

DAE Internship fair next week

This week I got confirmation that I will be heading out to Belgium next week and go back to my University to do some Portfolio reviews, talk to people about future opportunities and connect with people! This will be my first event of the sorts and I'm excited to be heading out for this opportunity too. I will be there from the 10th during in the afternoon for the Portfolio Reviews and the day after will be a full day of interviews, lunch to meet other people and some casual after drinks too. I'm excited to go, and by any chance, if you are from the school and you are reading this, make sure to say hi!

How can I help beginners out more?

This is a question that has been on my mind for a long while now and it's time I throw it out there. I want to see my "Content" (feels so weird to say this, feels so official) grow in a way where I can feature people that need it more than other people. So as an example this might take the shape of the weekly inspiration section turning into more a feature upcoming talent. Or maybe make a feature section in the monthly release of the "Tips and Tricks compilation" PDF, or even make it the front page would be nice?

As you can probably tell, I'm just throwing some ideas out there, but if you got any feel free to add them in the comments!

Moss Material Tutorial

For WIP this week I spend most of my time in the weekend finalising the text for the Moss Material tutorial. Now all that I have to do is add the text to template and refine it before launching it.

I ran into some issues where I was testing the new template that I build way too early and this led me to be stuck within that template when I still needed to refine the text. Hopefully this will help me speed up the process in the future as I want to avoid being stuck like that and blocking myself to work on it and release it sooner than delayed it like this.

And to add to this, I have added them to notion to so for the next one I will be able to work on it wherever I want. This should also help me speed up the process a little bit and make it more easy for me to do these tutorials, because I feel like I have been teasing this one for way too long now.

Other than this, nothing to report on the modelling/scene side for me, spend my evening doing this work and playing some games too!

Image Credit - Jimmy Ghysens - Avalon Slums

Visit his profile:
Jimmy Ghysens - Artstation Profile

The work you see above is done by Jimmy Ghysens a fellow alumni from our school in Belgium. He did this work specifically for the Artstation Challenge, it showcases a beautiful consistency in the approach to texturing and lighting. This piece really stands out before of it's subtle complimentary use of colours as you can see that the walls have slightly warmer tones, going into the browns and oranges where as the atmospherics have the opposite colour going into the slight blue ranges, this really ties the scene together and makes for a really nice scene.

And to be honest, if the scene focused more of it's storytelling elements on the actual challenge requirements then I don't really see why this wouldn't have been a bigger contender than he was now.

Nonetheless, this is a stunning piece and deserves all the praise that people throw at it. So thank you so much for Inspiring me Jimmy Ghysens and good look with your internship!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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