General / 24 October 2019

[#74] Building a Trimsheet & Blender Cell Fracture addon

Evening People!

Finally got over the flu this week which took out my weekend basically, so just spend my time doing some personal work, taking enough rest and drinking a lot of tea with lemon and honey!

Blog compilation product release

A bit back there was a request for people to buy the tips and tricks compilation outside of Patreon, so I'm glad to announce that this week I launched the collection on artstation and will soon be launching it on Gumroad too, so if you already have it through Patreon you will still get all the upcoming updates where this is more like a static version for people that don't want to support it and don't want the updates.

The artstation link can be found here!

Update to Patreon page

I have been doing minimal upkeep on my Patreon page for a while now and it was about time that I spend some more time defining some of the longer term goals and do more with it than I have been doing now.

This update brings some new Tiers to life, the basic one "Vertex" is basically there for people that want to get the Tips and Tricks compilation that is attached to my blog and replaced the older tier that I had going.  The thing that changed here is that there is an early access now (which was the current version) and will be limited to just a few Future Patreons, this will make it so that in the future people will have to pay 5$ for the minimal tier (which get's you the full Tips and Tricks compilation).

For the upcoming one "Edge" I'm thinking about sharing one piece from people in my monthly "tips and tricks" compilation. Because this is more aimed at people that are trying to improve I'm thinking that doing an over-paint for each of these pieces and giving structured feedback might be a good way to expand on this and give other people some additional value too.

Hopefully this might then grow into something that can stand on it's own feetonce people show some interest in it.

If you have any thoughts about this, please let me know, I'm curious to hear what you think!

Building a trimsheet

So for my personal project I wanted to challenge myself doing something that I haven't really done before on a massive scale and this is using a Trimsheet. For this I started building one this week and have been doing some smaller tests inside Unreal Engine to get the basics setup and look at some of the results I got.

With doing this I also started recording my progress again and hope to really get something out of it this time, so hopefully in the end I can turn it into something that is valuable for people.

Little preview how it looks in Unreal Engine too. I'm really enjoying the result that I got so far, and hopefully I can get most of the details that I need out of this one trimsheet, but I might have to create and additional one for all the more branding related decals soon.

An interesting Link to learn more is the Trimsheet tutorial from Polygon Academy!

Image Credit - Alec Tucker - Forgotten Lands [UE4]
Visit his profile: Alec Tucker - Artstation Profile

This week we feature this great looking moodpiece made by Alec Tucker, he composed this scene with free assets from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, really showcasing that you don't need to build everything yourself if you want to showcase how to build and light a scene and really set a nice mood with some hints of storytelling.

This is something that I personally "struggle" with because I'm a person that always want to make everything them self and have a part in each aspect of the creation, so thank Alec Tucker for showing me that you don't really need to to build an awesome looking scene!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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