General / 09 March 2018

Environment art blog #05

Evening guys!

Cheeky adjustment to the title of the blog! Still thinking about something more permanent, but I do think that making it more about environments instead of me just being selfish hahaa :D

Would love to know if you have any good suggestions!
Allright, onto the good stuff now.


Had a really nice week doing some work on the scene itself, building a chunk to the right of the focus point.
Also some more unwrapping and texturing on the walkways, Horizontal silo, bigger silo's and additional piping.
The before mentioned assets still need a more decent/final texture pass though, as there are still some issues with the AO on some of the assets.
Other than that I seem to have made a nice bit of progress this week!

It's starting to really shape up nicely :D

Another thing that I started to do is making some prefabs from all the meshes that I have for people to more quickly make scenes of their own.
Only spend a tiny amount of time on this, so there is a lot more to come where this came from!

Weekly Inspiration!

Image Credit - Simon Barle

Visit his profile over :
Simon Barle - Artstation Profile

Just, look at this.
These environments are just super gorgeous, I had a difficult time going through them and picking a single one that really stood out because they are all really gorgeous! But look at the contrasting light, drawing the people's focus into the nice red foliage popping up from the bright blue water.
These pieces are just outstanding works of art.

I picked Simon's work because it has been inspiring me for a while now, I landed on his profile when I was doing research for my forest scene, and his redwood forest is just crazy awesome!
He is just a master when it comes to making environments and I always get so inspired whenever he does one, and I would love to get to the same level of mastery at one point.

So, thanks again for keeping me inspired Simon, and people, make sure to give his profile a view, it's def worth it!

Allright, this was a really nice update! I am glad I got some more time this week as well.
Looking forward to the next update!