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Environment Art Blog #17 - Atihukara, Blender tips and Andrzej Dybowski.

Evening guys!

This week I spent most of my time having fun, learning blender and trying some addons.
I am amazed by how good the program is once I got into it. I also opened me up to adjusting the pipeline for my personal work.

I did also spent a lot of time thinking about the stuff that I put out and realise that I really need to push myself more and become more focused, this is not only from an art perspective but also from a social aspect, spent more time talking to people and finding people that are as passionate or more passionate then me and surround myself with awesome people.

80 level breakdown

I did a breakdown for my latest scene at, so if you are interested, head on over to - breakdown

BAFTA games crew 2018

I have also learned today that I will be part of the 2018 BAFTA crew for games, so I cannot wait to get to know new people and learn new things during the many events this year!

Atihukara WIP (with wip title for now :D)

Been really enjoying working in blender, sometimes I still get confused by all the hotkeys especially with all the different addons that I am currently testing/using but that will definitely get better over time. I have also spent some more time blocking in more crucial elements of the environment, bringing more and more story bits into the scene as well.

I have also spend some time thinking about the story as I get more and more stuff in the scene, this is the tiny home/workshop of a man who lost his wife who was pregnant at that time during the an emergency in a different sector which is still sectioned of as the nature of the emergency is unknown, but it is rumoured that people are still getting out in some way. And he is looking if he can find the way they use, to get in.

Story is an ongoing work in progress because my storytelling is shady, but to be honest I make most of this stuff up along the way and see what springs to mind/feels good!

before I forget I need to get a polycount and Unreal Engine forum post going as well!

Testing Blender addons

Another thing I spent some time on this week is testing out multiple different addons for blender such as Capsule, meshmachine and DecalMachine. Currently the one I have tested the most is Capsule, which let's you batchexport to a specific folder. This removed all the singular export stuff and saves a ton of time.

I have tried the other 2 as well, and DecalMachine seems crazy useful for the stuff that I will be doing and is probably going to be used on a daily basis.

Unreal Engine Marketplace

Some small update on the marketplace stuff as well, I did make some changes to both packs because I was running into issues with them, with one of them being more substantial then the other, so that is where some of my time went to as well.

Hopefully it's going to go through this time :D.

As I am getting into blender, I thought it would be nice to share some of the tips that got me over the initial hurdles for blender.

Shoutout to Andreas Stromberg and Allen Grippin for the tips about the blender addons! Appreciate it man :D

Blender addons and themes
My personal theme

Image Credit - Andrzej Dybowski - Observer - Labs

Visit his profile over :
Andrzej Dybowski - Artstation Profile

I was looking for some more reference for my scene this week and stumbled on this amazing concept for the game "Observer" (which I really wanted to play but then was to busy to actually play it, so thanks for reminding me! )

But I really love this concept, I love the cluttered feel of the space and all the different assets that help portray the story of a biomechanical engineer that is doing some crazy experiment. I also like how the light is portraying and pulling the focus to all the nicer parts mechanical/scientific in the middle.

This is some great reference for my scene, and really shows me that you don't need a really large area to create a compelling story, so thank you so much for inspiring me Andrzej Dybowski!

(And I kinda need to play this game now :D)

Allright guys!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!