General / 02 March 2018

Tim's Art Blog #04

Evening guys!


A bit of a shorter one this week because this was just a crazy hectic week,
doing a lot of stuff at work and barely getting any time when I come home as well because my girlfriend had her official shop release and there was a lot of preparation that needed to be done for that.

But! I did get some time to get some time here and there to get some work done on my project, and mostly did changes to the scale of the scene itself and started to work on the composition a bit more. Another thing I did is starting a small sheet for all the smaller wires that I am going to be doing.

What's up next?

Well, getting back to what I wanted to to last week haha :D
I will be looking into getting more pipes done, and maybe looking at the materials on the scaffolding because I do not like them at this stage.

Will also be looking into making some prefabs/composed models to more easily get some scenes together.

Def looking forward to next week as the schedule is opening up, for real this time!


Something a bit more technical this week, but crazy nonetheless.

Image Credit - Michał Kubas

Visit his profile over :
Michał Kubas - Artstation Profile

This is such a nice way to show off some modular buildings and I love how the different elements fit together so well, the models, the current (WIP) textures, it's just such a nice combination of visuals and technical techniques.

I always get to jealous when I see people doing the more technical stuff, not that I can't figure out how to do this, it's just the time they spent on it is nothing compared to what I spent on it.

It's so awesome to see all the iterations of this project on his Artstation profile, so make sure you have a look!

Also, this reminds me of a project that I did a year or 2 ago, which was basicly the same as this, but I wanted it to handle different kinds of architecture types as well, which was a crazy idea, and after a while, because I had to work on other stuff at the time, I abandoned the project.

Allright, I need some sleep now!
Sleep tight guys!