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Blog [#65] - Exploring Greece & Avoiding Art Blindness

Evening People!

I'm back from Greece, it was amazing to go to a place with barely any former knowledge because my girl did all the booking and most of the organisation, and to make it even better I forgot my PIN code and locked myself out of my phone from day one. This might sound like a negative, but it allowed me to fully experience Athens and live in the moment.

The thing that really surprised me in Athens, was the contradiction between the abandoned buildings and the lively pop up areas that are just streets apart, I saw people watering trees and plants that were growing against abandoned buildings, across the street, making it sort of their garden.

Other than walking in the more rural areas, we explore all the big landmarks like the parthenon, arcopolis and other amazing sites in the Athens foothills. The place was truly breathtaking and it was also the first time in a place where I couldn't really make sense of all the symbols and trying to read what it would say but could absolutely not make sense of it at all!

So, we came back and have a bunch of pictures from the trip, so now I'll see if I can clean them up and make them into a nice photo pack or something, it would be awesome to share my experience with this beautiful city.

Image Credit - Shane Le - Waluk The Sea Nomads - Environment

Visit his profile over :
Shane Le - Artstation Profile

This week we feature this nice little piece by Shane Le, doing this concept for a nice collaborative project called Waluk The Sea Nomads.

I really like this piece because it allows for enough space for you to fill in the blanks by not adding too much details. The thing that I am missing is something that gives it more real life character, like it this a transport hub? because now everything feels a bit too generic. That being said, that is what makes it perfect to use as a base concept and really make it your own!

The other thing I really like is the composition leading you nicely to the hut on the floating island and the nice colors on the water in contrast with the yellow on the top hut.

So thanks so much for creating and inspiring with such a nice concept Shane Le! There is a bunch more stuff on his portfolio, so make sure to check them out!

Allright people!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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