General / 21 September 2018

Environment art blog #31 - Last one for a while! (Hopefully I'll be back soon though)

Evening people!

Situation status

We are flying to Berlin early tomorrow morning and staying in an AirBnB for the first week until we can rent a furnished flat for the first period of 3 months ( to give us some time to look around for a nice and stable place to stay ) but as of now, we still haven't gotten a confirmation for this furnished apartment because they are still making some final decisions and have a meeting booked with them tomorrow, so we are heading straight in!

Hopefully we find one soon ( or get a confirmation ) because this situation is stressing us both out!
But hey, at least we got an airBnB booked so we aren't living on the streets :D

Last one for a while!

As you might have noticed already today is going to be a different kind of structure to my normal blog structure. As mentioned before we have been going through this struggle to relocate and haven't found a long term solution yet, so that means that we have to go there bare bones and only bring what we can afford/carry with us and my desktop is something that I don't want to risk to fly over so I will have to do without my desktop for an unforeseeable time until I can safely transport it over when someone comes for a visit or when we have arranged some safer method of transport because I just can't afford to lose/break my desktop with transportation.

This does mean that I have to stop doing this blog, because the biggest issue with this is that I use my PC for the weekly tip section because we only have a Chromebook for lightweight things, but that doesn't run Photoshop, so no more weekly tips/blogs for now! :(

Although, this is a shitty thing because I enjoy writing these, this also opens up a lot of time to start preparing for when I start to do these again, maybe tweak the format and see what can be improved. (and getting ahead of the schedule would be a nice bonus as well :D)

But anyways, this is going to be short and sweet!

I hope to start these blogs up soon again, and I can't wait for when that time is there!
Thank you all for following <3