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[#78] Podcast time! & PBR Theory for Artists - Part one

Evening People!

This week has been pretty relax but for some reason I still feel like I'm currently experiencing an artist dip, but more on that below!

There is some amazing stuff that happened like the release of the podcast that I did with Ross Baxter which was great fun. And other than that I have been playing more games lately and I finally got myself Rimworld as well as the new Star Wars which has been amazing for the little amount of time I played so far, but the environments in it look gorgeous!

Ross Baxter podcast

Ubisoft Environment/Prop Artist - Timothy Dries

The podcast that I did with Ross Baxter is now available online on YouTube! We had a nice time chatting about Environment art, education and steaks, so of that sounds interesting head on over and give it a listen!

It was really nice being on the podcast and its interesting how everyone had their own little way of doing these podcasts. Plus its also a good way to train myself to be a better talker, way less "uehms" in this one than the previous one I did with Ryan Kingslien.

Experiencing an artist dip

This might be some less good news but currently I'm kind of going through an artist dip mainly because I'm not getting to spend that much time being creative anymore and I'm trying to figure out how I can resolve this going going forward.

I think it also has something to do with the pressure that I put onto myself by constantly being in work-mode and the ever present artist guilt that we all have to deal with becoming more of a foreground element again.

Even now when taking the time to play some games to relax there's always that feeling that I'm not making any progress in my personal work/life. (see even in this sentence I put work before life). Which is something I don't want to give up either, most of my fun I still get out of making environments in my free time, but maybe I need to think about the reasons why I do these projects.

It feels good to say something about it though and hopefully it shows you that everyone has these thing floating in their head.

The PBR guide - Substance Academy

A really useful and expansive guide if you are looking for an introduction into PBR rendering.

Understanding Metalness

A more elaborate explanation about metalness specifically and how it reacts in the PBR pipeline.

Physically-based rendering, and you can too!

Probably my first personal interaction with PBR itself, they do a really good job explaining it here.

Mikhail Kyyashko "PBR (physically based rendering) for artists and programmers"

Beginners guide physically based rendering unity - Treehouse

More specific towards Unity but is a great compilation of a lot of information you would need to understand materials and shaders for Unity.

Dontnod physically based rendering chart for unreal engine 4

This one is more specific towards Unreal Engine, giving a lot of visual examples that help artists understand how it all works visually.

Image Credit - Roman Ageev - Boiler
Visit profile: Roman Ageev - Artstation Profile

This weeks showcase by Roman Ageev shows that you don't need to create full environments to create art, Roman Does a great job of creating this "mundane" looking prop and making it really nice and polished.

That's also the thing I really love about this, the mundanity of the prop itself because it grounds the entire space (if you played control at all and if you didn't, please do!).

The other thing that really stands out is the lighting and how it interacts with the materials of this prop making for a realistic feeling and looking asset. And lastly the design of the prop itself is really great too, showing a good balance between details and areas of rest making it pleasing to the eye.

This prop is almost a world onto itself, so thanks so much for inspiring me and many other with your work Roman, and looking forward to your next piece!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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