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[#85] Creating moss for Unreal Engine & Art test tips - Part 01

Evening People!

Everything is back to normal now, been finishing up a lot of management stuff and making some small progress on my personal work again, but happy to work on it nonetheless!

Also another thing that I have been working on for a long while now is finally ready to be released.

Creating moss for Unreal Engine!

Something that took me way longer to produce but is finally here is this little tutorial for creating moss in Substance Designer to then use this in Unreal Engine.

Patreon's already got the update for this one but if you are looking to get the tutorial for yourself you can head on over here and get the PDF from the attachments:

The reason why it took so long is also because I switched programs in the middle of producing it from Photothop (I know...) to Affinity Publisher, this has helped a lot with speeding up the process. Hopefully with this new template I speed up the process of making tutorials in the future too!

Thumbnail update

And another minor thing I wanted to do for a while now is making an animated version for the thumbnails for my blog posts, so here is the first version! I'm maybe also thinking about adding more details from the content of the blog on it too, so f you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

More ways to engage with people

Lastly, this is something I want to focus on for this year too. I feel like I can do more to engage and help people through my Patreon, so one of the new things that I will try going forward are things to expand on this. The first thing I will give a try is making a poll to decide which artist that I will feature and I also want to have the option that people can suggest their own artists too, that would be awesome!

So let's see how that is going to work, so if you are interested in this and more you can always check that out too.

Allright, onto the tip and resources!

Alpha 1 – My Top 5 Usecases | Simon schreibt.

Simon showing off another piece of great research where he dives into the uses of Alpha maps and more specifically Alpha 1 maps that only support 2 colors, black and white.

Applying For Technical Art Jobs – Amy's Tech Art Blog

A great bogpost about how to apply for a technical art job, which can be super confusing for people trying to get into the industry. Amy does a really amazing job writing this massive breakdown of all the information you need to do so.

Dynamic levels - in Payday 2 and beyond - Development - Mapcore

A really nice breakdown about the Dynamic levels from Payday 2. Even though I have never played it myself this is really great information to create playable levels, which is more aimed towards Level Designers, but the more information you have an Environment Artists, the better your levels will both look and play.

Image Credit - Richard Gardner - Days Gone - Maintenance Center
Visit profile: Richard Gardner - Artstation Profile

This week we have the work that Richard Gardner did for Days Gone, showcasing the thing that is still pulling me in to play the game once I have time for it. This being the great looking environment/level art done in the game itself.

The thing that I really like about these pieces is the balance between all the chaos and areas of rest, there is a really nice balance between all the elements within all the scenes. Which is something that is quite difficult to pull of when you have a lot of destruction going on because you kind of want the destruction to be everywhere to showcase the intense fighting all over the place. But with this balance in place you can really feel that the game and the art direction is trying to setup these moments where you enjoy walking around in an abandoned wasteland but everything is quiet, with the intense moment as offset to that. This really get reflected well in the environment art too.

Another thing that is really nice is how organic the environment itself feels and the attention to details, from little patches of destruction to sections of really nice looking foliage.

So thanks for inspiring me Richard, I hope I can get to play the game real soon and experience the Environments for myself.

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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