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Environment Art Blog #10 - Grass/Terrain Textures, Bulk Edit and Owen Kiayias.

Evening people!

More visual tweaks as you can see and I have added a section for weekly tips, these are going to be bite size things ranging from tips to small breakdowns/tutorials. This might be a bit of a more technical one this week but there is some cool stuff in the works so make sure to keep up to date on them!

I am also thinking of ways to condense this blog, especially my WIP screenshots in a better way, but more of that can be seen in the next section.


Allright, most of my time was being spend on adjusting the foliage/grass and terrain textures, using substance designer for the terrain textures and good old poly modelling for the grass meshes. Started out by first modelling some individual straws of grass and moving them around with a soft selection.

Once I got the bakes done it was time for some blockout textures and an accompanying terrain texture. I made the terrain texture inside of substance but I feel that it's still a bit flat, but I'm going to make a solid dirt texture first before I move onto adjusting this one.

There are still some issues to fix on the grass meshes as well, because of the ways that I moved some of the pieces of grass the highpoly geometry has some bits sticking through the opposite side of the mesh, resulting in crappy AO/Transmission bakes in Knald.

Also added a truck to add another story element to the scene, but that's just a quick blockout because I properly started working on it just now.
The truck pointed out some scaling issues though, making the fencing seem really small at a certain point, so that's a thing I fixed as well.

Most of this week was spend on grass/foliage though!
Going to finish the foliage and the ground textures next week and then move back onto the other meshes that I have to finish up!

Allrighty, this is going to be a smaller one to start out with because I am still preparing a smaller breakdown on how to make some grass!
Although it is a small one, it is a super handy one, this tool basically allows you to adjust multiple values ( for instance lightmap resolution ) of multiple assets in one go!

Anything you want to see, or more info on? Why don't you leave a comment down below and I'll answer :D

Image Credit - Owen Kiayias - Majestic Diamonds Robbery

Visit his profile over :
Owen Kiayias - Artstation Profile

Allright guys, some crazy cool stuff this week, Owen Kiayias baffled me with this scene, such a detailed and cool piece full of interesting set pieces which shows you how crazy upcoming talent is! 

Love how the light interacts with all the different elements of the scene and all the smaller set pieces such as the hanging cloth from the broken glass panels.

Such an amazing scene, congrats Owen Kiayias on polishing this beautiful scene!
If you like this piece, make sure to drop him a like and a follow, if his work only goes up in quality, this is going to be an awesome adventure!

Allright guys!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!