General / 31 mars 2018

Environment art blog #07

Evening guys!

I know I missed one last week, I was waaaay to busy with personal stuff combined with playing farcry 5 this week, that does mean that I got a lot of things to show this week.


The biggest thing that kept me busy, pushing myself to get this one done inside a one week timeline.
The major influence for this scene was Fable Legends. Trying to get a balance between realism and stylisation, it's not completely there yet and I might do some changes over this weekend and update the scene itself.

The major challenge about this scene was getting back into unity and using all the tools out of the box, such as the foliage/grass tools. I was so used to using the tools offered in Unreal that that was the major hurdle. Also not having a material editor and making my own shader was a big hurdle. (I know that there are some really good plugins such as Shader Forge, but buying those is not an option, just for one week :D )

All in all, it was a nice change of pace from all the realistic stuff I was doing before that, so might do some more smaller scenes/dioramas in the future and further hone this style a bit.

After the arttest was done, I saw all the stuff from GDC, and really wanted to try some of the new features Unreal had to offer, so I decided to relight an older scene just for fun! The new volumetric fog is super nice and easy to use.

The relight of this scene is not completely done, and might revisit this in the future, but it was really nice to test the new features.

After all that, I was time for business as usual, and as I wanted to get back into to it first I decided to build another shot to put more emphasis on the smaller assets. Also still working on this one. as you can probably see hahaa :D.
Now that I got back into it, it's time to finish these assets and materials!
Looking forward to start putting the final touches on this one :D.

Weekly Inspiration

Image Credit - Rachel Noy

Visit his profile over :
Rachel Noy - Artstation Profile

With all the inspiration hunting for the Art-test scene I was doing I took a deep-dive into Fable Legends and I never took the time to appreciate is properly.

When doing this, I really started to appreciate the cohesion of the materials and the attention to detail and the world.
This is not purely Rachel Noy who inspired me on this, but the scenes that she made are outstanding, I just love the light play and composition in these scenes!

Thanks for inspiring me Rachel Noy!
(and again, this goes without saying, it is such a shame that this game didn't make it to release, it's such an amazing piece of art)