General / 12 December 2019

[#81] Vienna and more... & Foliage Creation - Starting Out

Evening People!

A blogpost straight from Vienna, so this is going to be a rather short one but hopefully I can share some pictures down below from our journey so far and show some amazing sights.

I have tons more pictures that I could share down, but I need some more time to go through them properly as our little chromebook is not ready to go through over 3000 10mb files just yet! :D




UE4 Parallax Occlusion Mapping Tutorial

Nice Tutorial by Dana Klaren about how he approached creating broken windows inside of Unreal Engine.

Vegetation Generation in Ghost Recon Wildlands

A nice bit of insight into how the team behind Ghost Recon Wildlands handled procedural vegetation, brought to you by Maximilien Cleda.

Tips on Open World Environments Building

Maximilien Dehove gave some solid tips and advice on how to build open world places and give some advice on how to handle people's attention.

Image Credit - Robert Berg - Embark Desert Biome 
Visit profile: Robert Berg - Artstation Profile 

This week we feature the work that Robert Berg is doing, he's exploring the boundaries of Environment art with using photogrammetry and procedural ways of spawning foliage all of the place.

It's really amazing to see him exploring these different systems and creating beautiful scenes out of them. Especially the Embark scenes done in Unreal Engine are really amazing and truly want to make me push the visuals of my personal scenes even more, so thank you very much for that Robert and keep pushing yourself!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!

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