General / 10 May 2018

Environment Art Blog #13 - Last Bastion, Camera tricks and James O'Brien.

Evening people!

Another busy week trying to get all the different items sorted for my last scene which is now finished! There was a lot of stuff to finish this last week so the self-imposed deadline was tight! But still had loads of fun polishing and making it presenentation ready, all in time to get started on the artstation challenge without to much time lost.

I am also thinking about releasing most of the assets on my gumroad later and still thinking about if I should release the full scene as well.

Onto this weeks work in progress!

Managed to finish this scene in a reasonable timeframe, adding more story elements, doing a night lighting setup and removing some barely noticeable assets which didn't contribute to the story that much such as the car for example.

The final version with all the different assets rendered out can be seen here: Last Bastion 

A thing I spent a lot of time on was building the night version and a "green screen" scene to render all the different assets with some nice lighting.

It's just a simple scene with an emmisive pink sphere that doesnt cast shadow (and emmisive to negate it capturing shadows) the screen space reflections set to 0 in post process to avoid the meshes picking up any color from the sphere and an HDRI plugged into the sky light as well as the reflection capture sphere.

And the final time sink was doing the full presentation for everything, rendering out different iteration of the video flythrough while thinking about the presentation in general for the current scene and upcoming ones.

This was a super fun scene to work on and I would like to thank all of you for joining me on the ride through this one, now onto the next!

What's next?
I'll start working on the artstation challenge where I will join the Environment Category (Ofcourse), so next week is all going to be about that!
Looking forward to next weeeeek!

A small one this week in preparation for a material breakdown for the pipes that I had in my latest scene so I can take the time to properly finish that one off.

This weeks one is about some camera tricks for Unreal engine, this really helps me out when building my scenes!

Got any recommendations or want to see something in the upcoming blog posts, leave a comment and I will see that I'll get to it!

Image Credit - James O'Brien (Vadim Ignatiev) - Countryside Real Time

Visit his profile over :
James O'Brien (Vadim Ignatiev) - Artstation Profile

This is an amazing one guys, I love this scene and the way the atmoshperics play into it.
All the tiny details as well thought of and it clearly shows, when this image pointed me to James O'Brien's portfolio I was just amazed by the way he used atmospherics in all of his scenes to put the emphasis on the mood he tries to convey, especially in the one above, showcasing the real power of the new EEVEE render engine inside of Blender which I want to give a shot after seeing this image!

There is something to be said for the way James recycles a lot of his work as well, slowly building up a complete library to create more and more scenes with, which all have a painterly quality to them making them stand out oven more, especially when looking at the thumbnails!

Thanks so much for inspiring me to do better James (or Vadim) :D

Allright guys!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!