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Environment Art Blog #19 - Holograms, LUT textures and Abel Dopazo!

Evening guys!

Spent a lot of time this week on stuff I can't really disclose yet, and is going to be a while before it's going to be official probably. But I did manage to find some time to add more assets to the scene I am currently working on, also dug up a blueprint that I made a while back to get some easy pipes in a scene.

Holographic displays

Spent a large portion of my Saturday figuring out different ways to get some holographic displays working, which is really interesting to figure out all the stuff you can do with it, I tried having the holographic parts as a parallax material, which didn't really work because you still end up with a flat surface, so the way I am handling it now is I have 2 plants, which have a random noise going over it to slightly give it some movement through world position offset so it feels more alive.

Found some awesome inspiration on how to do the lines in screenspace, which can be found here:

Hologram Displays by DeepSpaceBanana

I am going to keep refining these in the coming periods, still not a fully satisfied with the end result, but I am def getting closer! The shader is easy enough to use and allows you to swap alpha maps so it's easy to change stuff :D

Cable blueprint

I dug up this old file for some of the cables and wires that I needed for this scene, spend a bit of time reworking the code and polishing how it worked/looked, still some issues with the rounded cables but that can be fixed over time! Another handy tech blueprint that just lets you drag in whatever mesh you want following the line as long as the alignment is correct and has enough subdivisions to round the corners :D

Scene overview

Couldn't stop myself from putting a fallout reference in because of all the E3 stuff coming out and how excited that I am to play a new fallout in the near future! :D

This weeks tip is about a nice little trick to do quick post processing!

Updated image now mentions to "save as" when saving the LUT file, thanks for pointing this out Nathan Harris!

Image Credit - Abel Dopazo - Forgotten Temple

Visit his profile over :
Abel Dopazo - Artstation Profile

Stumbled across this one this week through facebook because I have been following Abel Dopazo's work for a while, but this piece stopped me from just scrolling past it, it is simply a stunning piece!

I especially love all the subtleties in the different colours that are being used on the roots, making them stand out from normal and boring looking roots, especially when you look at the different red influences on the right tree. Everything also has a really nice flow it all seems to point to one core focus point which is the door, even the grass has this kind of flow to it, but more obvious ones are things such as the root on the left side of the picture.

Adding onto this you have a nice and balanced light that comes in and accentuates the composition even more, this is an amazing piece Abel, and I want to thank you for inpsiring me with this one! Can't wait for your next killer piece.

(Oh ps, give this man a job please, I don't have to do any explanation why :D)

Allright guys!

If you want to see something added to this blog, or if you were inspired by a piece of art this week, please share it down in the comments, would love to see what drives you to create your art!

But that's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!