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Environment Art Blog #12 - Home stretch and beyond, Material Parameters and Peyton Varney.

Evening guys!

Got another good chunk of work done this week, although I enjoyed playing Frostpunk over the weekend as well. I set myself a deadline to finish this scene that I am working on for last weekend, but missed that deadline horribly! (also didn't want to rush things either)
I was trying to get that done so I could join in on the Artstation Challenge that started this week, but a week of delay is not that bad right? I just need to be aware of the scope of the concept a bit more :D but it might be good to really push myself on this one in terms of time.

Made some good progress this week due to the artstation challenge starting out!
Did some more scene adjustments, adding a watchtower for some nice storytelling/visual flair and making it more like an actual outpost.

Also finalised some more meshes such as the fences, which have barbed wire and some nice wind going along the fence covers. Another thing that I worked on were the barrels and I decided to remove the truck that was on the edges of the shot, mostly due to time restraints but it is't a major influence on the scene anyways for the amount of work that would be put into this.

Some closeup shots for the barbed wire and concrete barriers, both still need a final pass, which I am going to try and finish this week! (hopefully haha )

Another thing I spent some time on this weeks was cleaning up the dirt shader that I have on all of the pipes, which allows me to control the amount of dirt and is based on the 1-axis of the mesh. The first masks wasn't tiling properly, so I fixed that by doing a tri-planar projection of a generic cloud texture on top of the mesh inside of Substance Painter which I then fed into the material inside of unreal, so the blend is constraint by the values of that texture, this does mean that each set requires its own dirt mask, but that shouldn't be an issue because a lot of the pipes are built in a modular fashion, so in total that's 4 maps for 40 ish meshes Roughly.

Allrighty, that is gonna be my work in progress for this week, I hope to show you guys the final one next week and a decent blockout for the Artstation challenge, let's do iiiit!

Little side note, my little subway scene might be on hold and I feel bad but don't judge me allright hahaa

This week is going to be a smaller one again! But a super usefull one when working with materials inside of Unreal, teaching you how to setup material parameters!

If you have any feedback or questions please do not hesitate to drop me a message at all.

Image Credit - Peyton Varney - Protégé: Conservatory Interior

Visit his profile over :
Peyton Varney - Artstation Profile

I Came across this awesome scene when Peyton Varney posted in on facebook (10k hours group to be more specific), discovering this was amazing, I was struck by the level of polish of this scene, the way the light interacts, peeks through the windows, the play between colors and just the quality of the scene in general. I also love this shot for the composition and because it clearly shows the contrast between the orange mechanical element versus all the green and brown foliage.

The amount of talent oozing out of this scene is awesome, well done to the whole team who worked together on this one Peyton Varney, Max Frorer and Steven Hong and thanks for inspiring me with this awesome scene!

Allright guys!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!