Environment art blog #08

General / 06 April 2018

Evening guys!

Back into the normal routine this week, it took a bit to get back into the flow with playing farcry 5 as well!

I had some issues this week with looking at other people and the amount of work that they do inside of any timeframe, and it always seems like I am doing stuff at such a slow pace, and get the feeling that I really need to optimise the time that I spend doing personal stuff, but then on the other hand I feel like that is because I spend so much of my time experimenting and tweaking stuff.

I don't know what to think of it really! Maybe it's just typical Artist guilt and jealousy that creeps in every once in a while.


Onto the good stuff, spend this week building on the new level that I started, testing some different lighting setups and also spend some time on making a shader that does the following:

  • Make the color of the elements adjustable, for more color variation with different pipes without adding additional basecolor textures
  • Adjustable dirt levels based on the world Z axis

Still need to do some finishing touches on the textures and the different blend masks.

I finally get the feeling that this is going somewhere, spend some more time on lighting and doing some post-production.

Looking forward to next weeks progress.

Weekly Inspiration

Image Credit - Oleg Gamov

Visit his profile over :
Oleg Gamov - Artstation Profile

Being absolutely consumed by this game (farcry 5) since it came out this should come as no surprise, and to be honest, the game is waay better than I was expecting really.
It has been a while since I enjoyed walking around endlessly in an open world game like this filled to the brim with wonderfull environments that are such a joy to walk trough. Spending a bit of time to crawl up a mountain just so you can catch early sunrise and take a ton of screenshots is definitely worth it!

I was looking around to see who worked on it and then came across Oleg, and daamn, such an amazing body of work he has on this game.
So I just wanted to say a big thank you to you Oleg and all the people who worked on this amazing title for inspiring me and being part of the reason that I want to be in this industry as an environment artist (and it really forces me to confront myself that I need to learn how to light scenes properly as well hahaaa ).

I'll add some of my own screencaptures down below

Screenshots are directly from the game, not claiming that this is my work in any shape or form (just saying!)

Allright guys!
That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!


Environment art blog #07

General / 31 March 2018

Evening guys!

I know I missed one last week, I was waaaay to busy with personal stuff combined with playing farcry 5 this week, that does mean that I got a lot of things to show this week.


The biggest thing that kept me busy, pushing myself to get this one done inside a one week timeline.
The major influence for this scene was Fable Legends. Trying to get a balance between realism and stylisation, it's not completely there yet and I might do some changes over this weekend and update the scene itself.

The major challenge about this scene was getting back into unity and using all the tools out of the box, such as the foliage/grass tools. I was so used to using the tools offered in Unreal that that was the major hurdle. Also not having a material editor and making my own shader was a big hurdle. (I know that there are some really good plugins such as Shader Forge, but buying those is not an option, just for one week :D )

All in all, it was a nice change of pace from all the realistic stuff I was doing before that, so might do some more smaller scenes/dioramas in the future and further hone this style a bit.

After the arttest was done, I saw all the stuff from GDC, and really wanted to try some of the new features Unreal had to offer, so I decided to relight an older scene just for fun! The new volumetric fog is super nice and easy to use.

The relight of this scene is not completely done, and might revisit this in the future, but it was really nice to test the new features.

After all that, I was time for business as usual, and as I wanted to get back into to it first I decided to build another shot to put more emphasis on the smaller assets. Also still working on this one. as you can probably see hahaa :D.
Now that I got back into it, it's time to finish these assets and materials!
Looking forward to start putting the final touches on this one :D.

Weekly Inspiration

Image Credit - Rachel Noy

Visit his profile over :
Rachel Noy - Artstation Profile

With all the inspiration hunting for the Art-test scene I was doing I took a deep-dive into Fable Legends and I never took the time to appreciate is properly.

When doing this, I really started to appreciate the cohesion of the materials and the attention to detail and the world.
This is not purely Rachel Noy who inspired me on this, but the scenes that she made are outstanding, I just love the light play and composition in these scenes!

Thanks for inspiring me Rachel Noy!
(and again, this goes without saying, it is such a shame that this game didn't make it to release, it's such an amazing piece of art)

Environment art blog #06

General / 16 March 2018

Evening guys!

Another crazy filled week this one, met some awesome people and got some stuff on the go that I can't share yet! :D


It's going to be a shorter one this week on the WIP-front!
Had a crazy week again as mentioned before, doing a lot of different stuff (a lot of which I can't really discuss at this moment, sadly :( ), and preparing for a weekend away from home as well! Which is going to give me some space to catch a breather after this week, and I need it! :D

Still found some time here and there to work on the project though, did some minor stuff such as unwrapping the final set of pipes and giving them a quick texture, and got to give the new version of substance painter a go, I just love the UI, looks way cleaner!

Vertex 2018

Went to the first edition of Vertex in London this year.

To be honest, it was a big surprise how inspiring it was, met some awesome people and it opened a different world to me, it was the first time where I was surrounded by super passionate people that lived and breathe 3D in many shapes and forms.

Some of my highlights are def meeting people such as Anna Hollinrake, Shayleen Hulbert and many others...

It's definitely something I am going to be doing more from now on, as it was an awesome experience for sure!

Weekly Inspiration

Even with all the amazing and inspirational people I have found something this week that really just baffled me.

Image Credit - Christian Haley

Visit his profile over :
Christion Haley - Artstation Profile

Man, I don't even know where to begin on this one, I can keep looking at this one, the detailed streets, giving a nice lived in feel to this metropolis, I also like that all the buildings feel built in the same era, although they are still different enough to make it believable that it wasn't just one architect designing them.
The atmosphere is another thing that is really on point as well, the little light strokes and sun rays piercing through the different layers of smog.

Thanks a lot for Inspiring me Christian Haley, this is a masterpiece, as well as your other stuff.
This for sure has me inspired to do some experimentation with more matte painting concept stuff again!

Thats going to do it for this week guys,

As always, thanks for dropping by!


Environment art blog #05

General / 09 March 2018

Evening guys!

Cheeky adjustment to the title of the blog! Still thinking about something more permanent, but I do think that making it more about environments instead of me just being selfish hahaa :D

Would love to know if you have any good suggestions!
Allright, onto the good stuff now.


Had a really nice week doing some work on the scene itself, building a chunk to the right of the focus point.
Also some more unwrapping and texturing on the walkways, Horizontal silo, bigger silo's and additional piping.
The before mentioned assets still need a more decent/final texture pass though, as there are still some issues with the AO on some of the assets.
Other than that I seem to have made a nice bit of progress this week!

It's starting to really shape up nicely :D

Another thing that I started to do is making some prefabs from all the meshes that I have for people to more quickly make scenes of their own.
Only spend a tiny amount of time on this, so there is a lot more to come where this came from!

Weekly Inspiration!

Image Credit - Simon Barle

Visit his profile over :
Simon Barle - Artstation Profile

Just, look at this.
These environments are just super gorgeous, I had a difficult time going through them and picking a single one that really stood out because they are all really gorgeous! But look at the contrasting light, drawing the people's focus into the nice red foliage popping up from the bright blue water.
These pieces are just outstanding works of art.

I picked Simon's work because it has been inspiring me for a while now, I landed on his profile when I was doing research for my forest scene, and his redwood forest is just crazy awesome!
He is just a master when it comes to making environments and I always get so inspired whenever he does one, and I would love to get to the same level of mastery at one point.

So, thanks again for keeping me inspired Simon, and people, make sure to give his profile a view, it's def worth it!

Allright, this was a really nice update! I am glad I got some more time this week as well.
Looking forward to the next update!


Tim's Art Blog #04

General / 02 March 2018

Evening guys!


A bit of a shorter one this week because this was just a crazy hectic week,
doing a lot of stuff at work and barely getting any time when I come home as well because my girlfriend had her official shop release and there was a lot of preparation that needed to be done for that.

But! I did get some time to get some time here and there to get some work done on my project, and mostly did changes to the scale of the scene itself and started to work on the composition a bit more. Another thing I did is starting a small sheet for all the smaller wires that I am going to be doing.

What's up next?

Well, getting back to what I wanted to to last week haha :D
I will be looking into getting more pipes done, and maybe looking at the materials on the scaffolding because I do not like them at this stage.

Will also be looking into making some prefabs/composed models to more easily get some scenes together.

Def looking forward to next week as the schedule is opening up, for real this time!


Something a bit more technical this week, but crazy nonetheless.

Image Credit - Michał Kubas

Visit his profile over :
Michał Kubas - Artstation Profile

This is such a nice way to show off some modular buildings and I love how the different elements fit together so well, the models, the current (WIP) textures, it's just such a nice combination of visuals and technical techniques.

I always get to jealous when I see people doing the more technical stuff, not that I can't figure out how to do this, it's just the time they spent on it is nothing compared to what I spent on it.

It's so awesome to see all the iterations of this project on his Artstation profile, so make sure you have a look!

Also, this reminds me of a project that I did a year or 2 ago, which was basicly the same as this, but I wanted it to handle different kinds of architecture types as well, which was a crazy idea, and after a while, because I had to work on other stuff at the time, I abandoned the project.

Allright, I need some sleep now!
Sleep tight guys!


Tim's Art Blog #03

General / 23 February 2018

Evening guys!


Spent my week unwrapping and texturing a bunch of different assets, such as the different silo's and one of the pipe sets.
I'm glad I got this much done this week because I am having a super busy week at work and doing more hours each day, so barely have any time to get to this project, but that should be clearing up this weekend, which is something I look forward to! :D

Done this week:

  • Unwrapping pipe set for better texture density
  • Texturing the smaller silo's (need to make some nicer logo's though)
  • Cleaning up the pipe texture that I already had going

What's up next?

Next week I will be focusing on unwrapping and texturing all the other sets of pipes that need textures as well as doing a smaller update to the scene itself. I am also going to start looking at making even bigger silo's and structures, as I feel that the current scene is lacking height.

Also, someone over on polycount had the awesome idea to make prefabs of different elements to make it quicker for people to build stuff out of the assets, so that is a thing I am going to look into as well.

I have also been working on getting a trimsheet together for my next upcoming project, which as of writing this is going to be a series of smaller cyberpunk/scifi environments, but I want to focus on the mondane stuff, such as a garage or a noodle shop something like that.

(Still thinking about it though :D)

Outside of these project I have also spent a lot of time designing loads of different elements and doing photography for an online shop that my girlfriend is going to launch soon, so that is super exciting as well!

If interested you can check it out on instagram!
MerakiPlugs - Instagram

Weekly Inspiration

Allrighty for this week's inspiration I got a good one lined up for you guys.

Image credit -  Vladislav Ociacia

Visit his page over here:
Vladislav Ociacia - Artstation Profile

Look at this beauty, found this one looking for a nice piece to feature here this week. I was first thinking about adding from the artpieces that I previously liked, but that felt like cheating.

This piece is really stunning, I love looking at all the smaller details that make the world come alive, definitely reminds me of different parts of the latest deus ex environments, I can already imagine different people being compared by race and how much they have been modified for some reason haha :D

Loads of awesome things to keep in mind for my next projects!

That's going to do it for this week guys, let me know what you are going to be working on!


Tim's art blog! #02

General / 16 February 2018

Evening guys!


Spent a lot of time on this scene over the past week and I feel like I am making some good progress on this one.
A thing that definitely helps me focus is recording all of the stuff I do to potentially later be used for a tutorial or something else, but this keeps me away from any distractions as every distraction means more work in editing :D

Done this week:

  • Major scene update
  • Major lighting update, still working on this atm
  • Texture/UV updates on the scaffolding pieces and the painted pipes
  • Adding another couple of meshes
  • Making tileable/shareable textures for different assets, such as the silo's etc (they still need caps and other details though.

I also felt like the framing of this first shot was kinda choking the view, so I decided to give it some room to breath in a different camera angle down below, this does mean that I need to fill in different parts of the environment now though.

Other than working on this scene, I am also going through blocking out a tutorial of modularity in games.
The thing I am still thinking about though is the format, it would be kind of nice to have some bitesize things, maybe a one page jpg/pdf format to start out with, and then maybe do a larger in depth one with all the combined pieces.

Would love to know what you think about this as well, are you a fan of voiced videos, videos or more an old-school reader?

Weekly Inspiration

I was thinking about having this section after I published the last one, so let me know what you think of it!

But this new section is going to be used to highlight something that inspired me.
This week I want to start out strong with this magnificent piece.

Image credit -  Antoine Boutin

Visit his page over here:
Antoine Boutin - Ghetto Patrol

First off, I really like the framing in this one, the viewer is inside the car which immediatly drags you into the scene.

The reason why I like this so much though is because at first it seems like a normal city street, but then you notice some stuff that looks a bit more futuristic looking such as the car and charging station in the center of the view, why would these be in a ghetto? 

To me this hints to a city that is more developed then what you can see in this frame, so from current day looking in this feels like looking at a realistic depiction of a near future piece, but if you would be in this piece, driving the car onto these roads, it would be like looking back into history.

I can spent hours thinking about this and all the technological developments that would be used in this world.
Such an amazing piece

(side note this is my background at work :D )


I also spent some time thinking about good options on how to engage with people in a way, I know I talked about doing a stream, but to be honest, I do not really have the room for that at this moment in time, it does really interest me though, so it might be something to keep an eye out for in the future, once we move to a bigger place or something.

But that said, an idea that has been swimming around in my mind is maybe doing like a weekly critique session or something in that nature to people who would be interested, something to think about!

Alright people,
this is it for me this week, looking forward to speaking to you next week!


Tim's art blog! Feb #01

General / 09 February 2018

Evening people

As you all know I am trying to become a bit more active then I was before all of this, and I am getting to a place where the personal work is flowing at a steady pace even though I am doing some overtime my dayjob.

I am thinking of keeping this blog up and post something every week for consistencies sake, to test if this is a good way to keep people up to date with the stuff that I am working on and to create a conversation with you guys!

(and to force myself in another way to do this work :D)

WIP industrial assetpackage

I have spend a lot of my time on figuring out the scope of this package and what is still left on the list, also been experimenting with some initial textures for some of the painted and non-painted metals.

The pack is currently around solid 120 meshes, but I still need to adjust some of the pipes, maybe remove some unnecessary duplicates (or close duplicates) and also look at adding some more support/structural pieces.

The video recording is also been going well, missed a session here and there I think but I have 20 hours of video content (uncut atm though :D) lying around now, so it might be cool to include that in nice presentable way that can help people out in the future of some sorts.

Giving back to the community

The other thing that is floating around in my mind is doing a tutorial again to kind of switch it up a bit and giving back to the community.

The only issue is that there are just so many different aspects of game development that are really interesting to take a proper deep dive in.
I do plan on doing the first one about modularity in games, this including meshes and modular textures.

I am also thinking about the format it is going to be in, I personally prefer videos instead of written tutorials, but in the end, I might just do both, as I am probably going to write a lot of it down first.

Would love to know what you think about this!


Another small idea that has been floating around in my head is to start streaming whenever I work on personal projects, which could be awesome to connect with new people, but I need to think of ways to better connect and make my thing a bit more unique as well.

I want to thank Shana for this idea, although she doesn't know it yet, but I basicly streamspied on her when she was doing it over the weekend :D

Check her out over here!
Shana's stream!

And then lastly I am spending a heavy chunk of my time doing research about marketing stuff for my own gumroad shop and looking into possible freelance stuff, nothing is certain yet though, but it definitely is interesting to broaden up my personal horizon and learn about things outside of my comfort zone which still offers me some skills that come in handy in the future.

Alright people,
this is it for me this week, hopefully got a fair chunk of progress to show you on the next one!