Planet Coaster

Timothy dries fairytale 02
Timothy dries scifi 02
Timothy dries scifi 03
Timothy dries scifi 01

Assets done for the Scifi Theme

Timothy dries fairytale 01

Assets done for Fairytale theme

Timothy dries pc 01

Assets done for the base Planetcoaster theme

It is hard to exactly pinpoint what I have done on most of the assets in this compilation.
I was responsible for modelling, unwrapping, texturing and getting it all ready in-game, this was during my internship and after the internship when I came back as a graduate.

Marc Cox also had a hand in some of the assets, esspecially the market barrows.

I also had major responsibility over a lot of assets in the Sci-fi, other then that I also had a hand in many assets in different other packs on release such as fairytale and the base planet coaster pack. As seen in some of the seperate asset screenshots down the bottom.