Mildir (work in progress)

Currently working on this authentic medieval inspired scene.

London Subway 2053 (2021)

"The city has been burdened under the weight of the big corporations leaving the government to scramble for resources and find shortcuts for maintaining the symbol of the working class"
Made for the "London Underground - Beyond Extent Challenge"

Last Bastion (2018)

Last Bastion,
The final place where humans can still find hope and feel home after civilisation collapsed.
This was a personal project that was done over a couple of months during my own time.
Everything in this scene is done by me except for the skydome

Poor little cart (2018)

Poor little cart, left abandoned by it's owner!
Something different this time around, quick little scene made in 7 days.

Artstation Challenge: Ancient Civilizations (2016)

These are the final images of my submission from the Artstation Challenge, had loads of fun working on this!

Dense Rainforest (2016)

A personal project mainly focused on learning speedtree and texturing of foliage as well as lighting.

Hangar 62 (2015)

This scenes were made for a competition and the actual creation of the package took me 2 weeks.
We were given some concept art to give us a theme guideline.

Absolute Zero (2015)

Main menu mockup done for the "Level design and decoration" course @ DigitalArtsAndEntertainment (DAE).
Loved working on this scene and getting really awesome feedback from loads of people.