Farcry 6 - Operation Cocodrilo (2021)

Special Operation "Cocodrilo" is all about a rich mansion owner that loves his pet crocodiles to bits!
These operations truly are a team effort, I was responsible for a lot of the early planning, iterations, blockout of the main mansion location, the crocodile pools and then later came back to to a little bit of polish to the location itself. I also came back later to this Special Operation to add a bit of polish and help with refinements on two points of interest and certain sections of the open world.
It's hard to capture everyone that worked on these special operations, so will be adding some of the people that I worked together with myself.

Jurassic World Evolution (2018)

Different buildings from Jurassic World Evolution.
As an Environment artist on this game we had many responsibilities and a lot of stuff got switched between people but I tried to be specific in the responsibilities that I had over the buildings, I decided not to add other things I worked on such as foliage adjustments on all the commercial buildings, updating foliage textures and other minor tasks.
But all of these buildings represent the work of a team in full collaboration and it was great to be a part of it.
It was especially challenging because I was switching between Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution during development, but that also made it fun!
It's awesome to see people enjoy the game

Planet Coaster - Adventure DLC (2017)

I was responsible for the entire building set as well as some additional scenery pieces, such as the Snakes etc.
My responsibility ranged from modelling all the different meshes as well as generating textures, Lod's and getting it setup in game.
Loved working on this pack, because it was so different and the pack allowed for a lot of time in Zbrush.


Planet Coaster - Spooky DLC (2017)

I was responsible for the entire wallset (this includes all the more generic building blocks that make up the main chunk of buildings etc ) for this dlc.
My responsibility ranged from modelling all the different meshes as well as generating textures, LOD's and getting it setup in game.
It was a lot of fun working on this one, because the different style of the mansard roof, which were both a small technical as an artistic challenge to get done together with other assets within a tight deadline. Another cool thing is that the haunted house was used as a main focus point for this pack!

Planet Coaster - Viper One (2017)

I had the pleasure making the coaster car for the Viper One rollercoaster.
I was responsible for modelling, texturing, unwrapping and game export/setup.
My friend Owen was responsible for the track

Planet Coaster - Drag-u-la (2016)

For this I was responsible for 3 separate assets that could be broken up into multiple pieces.
The full size vehicle can be broken up into multiple different pieces, other than that there is also a Go-kart version and a smaller assembled version for this car.
I was responsible for the entire vehicle and all assets related the Drag-u-la.

Planet Coaster - Holiday DLC (2016)

In this free update I was responsible for the modelling, unwrapping, texturing and game setup for variations of icing, icing icicles and snowman pieces.

Planet Coaster (2016)

It is hard to exactly pinpoint what I have done on most of the assets in this compilation.
I was responsible for modelling, unwrapping, texturing and getting it all ready in-game, this was during my internship and after the internship when I came back as a graduate.
Marc Cox also had a hand in some of the assets, esspecially the market barrows.
I also had major responsibility over a lot of assets in the Sci-fi, other then that I also had a hand in many assets in different other packs on release such as fairytale and the base planet coaster pack. As seen in some of the seperate asset screenshots down the bottom.